Haiti Earthquake 2010
January 14, 2010
Haiti Earthquake 2010
February 14, 2010
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Haiti Earthquake 2010

By Jason Jaboin 2pm

We have just received word from the staff members of the orphanage, the children and staff members are safe. The staff members of the orphanage urge for food, water and medical attention for the children. Though they are safe the air is polluted with the stench of three day old decaying bodies laying in the street. Dust is building up making the air harder to breathe and harder for respiration. The kids are surrounded by all kinds of dangerous elements we need your help to give the kids a better chance to survive this disastrous time.

We are working on ways to make the site more interactive for those who are following our posts. There will soon be a platform to leave comments; we ask if you can spread word of the orphanage by posting a link on other web sites that would be a great help to our cause. We have a cause page on facebook and we’re accepting all friend request, we encourage visitors to leave comments with ideas on how to make a better impact. Continue to use the contact form on our web site to find out information on adopting or sponsoring a child. Please continue to send your prayers and gifts of love, care and hope. Haiti has faith!

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