Mission Statement

Our mission is to assure our children’s future and restore our legacy of people that God created to perform good deeds. The board will develop and promote these ideas, so the beneficiaries can have a better tomorrow and a positive behavior wherever they choose to live.

The objective of the association, is to equip the fore mentioned children with a solid knowledge of spiritual, educational, social, professional, cultural and sanitary options so they can become independent, decent and helpful citizens for the good and welfare of any society.

As Christians, we firmly believe that with divine power we can achieve anything. Therefore first and foremost we rely on the mighty power of our maker. Secondly, we believe also, that with planning, executing and managing together with professionalism, every aspect of the project and combining all kind of support from all sources available, we will successfully achieve said goal.

Spiritual Light

Teach the children that the plans the Lord has for them are “plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future” and to learn to courteously share the knowledge with others.