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April 25, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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The Water Filter Process at RMOF

Safe drinking water has become Haiti’s most urgent public health problem. Unfortunately most of the water sources in Haiti are contaminated and this is the main cause of cholera. 

At the orphanage we have our own water filter process to make sure we have access to safe drinking water, and we want to share that process with you through some pictures:


  1. Fill the pitcher with water from the faucet                    2. Then take the lid off the top of the filter
    1. Chineca getting water for the drinking filter                  2. Chineca is in charge of the water filter process


        3. Pour untreated water into the filter                            4. Wait 30 minutes, and drain filtered water

             3. Chineca adding water to the drinking water filter                4. Chineca draining the good water into 5 gallon bottles for drinking


            5. Place bottles around the orphanage                        6. Enjoy the filtered drinking water!

              5. Wislande delivering a bottle of good drinking water downstairs                6. Kerwine in the dining room getting some good water to drink

             7. Be sure to help the little ones too!                             8. Filtered water = ice cubes next day!

              7. The younger ones helping out                  8. Getting some filtered water to make ice cubes

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