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Latest News from Port-Au-Prince

New house, new beds, new bedrooms!
In September 2015, the girls moved into a bigger house with more bedrooms, and more rooms – including a dining room, meeting room, study room, a library and an office, plus space to play outside.  It took a while to get all settled in. Now we have a nice library, a crowded but comfy dining room, bedrooms with new beds and some spiffy tie-dyed curtains, bulletin boards and posters decorating the walls. 

News Fall 2015

Sturdier, Prettier Beds!
With the move to the bigger house, our campaign for new sturdier beds finally came to fruition.  Now there are 4 bedrooms each with 6-7 girls with the new bunkbeds. Thanks to all our wonderful donors, we were also able to buy new bedding of bright colored sheets, pillows, and some posters for the walls. 

Each room has a designated Room Sister (one of the girls themselves) who acts as the liaison for important directions.  Also a staff member, affectionately called a Mommie, sleeps in the room with the girls not only for supervision, but also to provide a kind heart there to listen, talk, and hug as needed. 

The girls are very proud of their rooms and wanted to display them.


Thanks again for all our donors and our wonderful partners at the Hearthstone Village.

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