Haiti Earthquake 2010
February 14, 2010
December 28, 2012
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Haiti Earthquake 2010

By Jason Jaboin 12pm

The headlines read Earthquake in Haiti. The pictures are devastating and are amazingly graphic with proof that this disaster is indeed true and real. The last earthquake to hit the Caribbean happened about 200 years ago. The earthquake that hit about 5pm yesterday in Haiti was a 7.0 which is a relatively high mark on the Richter scale. With aftershocks in the 5.0 range which is just as close in scale as the earthquake. In relation to earthquakes in the 7.0 range about 18 per year occur; this could mean more to come. News and media sites report the casualties will be huge, the prime minister has estimated the number to be around 100,000 deaths. Buildings have fallen, homes are destroyed, prisoners have escaped and the national building has collapsed. Many relief funds are forming ways to participate in aiding those in Haiti who will need the resources that are being populated.

The orphanage is located in the Port-au-Prince area in Delmas not far from the earthquake. We are trying our best to get in contact with our directors at the orphanage. We can only pray that all the kids, teachers and directors are safe, but please aid in praying and in monetary aid through relief organizations. On the site we have ways to donate to the orphanage and we are shifting the donations that we receive to help in all areas of the earthquake relief. Please find a way to reach out and help us save lives of our families, friends, love ones and those we do not know. You can help in may ways please lend a hand, a voice and your heart.

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