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Hearthstone Village (HV) and Reveil Matinal Orphanage (RMO) Working Together
In January of 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti causing great destruction and a substantial loss of
life. In May, a team of medical volunteers comprised of doctors and nurses, from the Adventist Health
Ukiah Valley Medical Center, left on its first mission to provide care to the people of Haiti.

Dr. Laura Wedderburn and Lynn Meadows, both Hearthstone Board members, had an additional goal
of finding an orphanage that Hearthstone Village could take under its wing. A personal story from
Gregory, one of the translators attached to the medical group, led Laura and Lynn to the Reveil Matinal
Orphanage. The orphanage at that time was comprised of 20 girls. The size seemed doable for our small
organization. HV wanted to find a project that could be carried forward by a few committed individuals.

The RMOF welcomed the support. When the earthquake struck in 2010 the costs of operating the
orphanage increased significantly and the stress of daily operations increased tremendously. In October
of 2010 the first HV volunteer team arrived in Port au Prince and stayed with the girls for 1 week. And
so it began. Since that time dozens of teams have gone to spend time with the girls. Many volunteers
have travelled numerous times. The girls of the RMO have blossomed physically, academically, socially
and emotionally. They have moved from surviving to thriving.

Hearthstone Village provides money for food, medicine, field trips, clothing, books, and other basic
amenities. The girls have received medical, psychosocial and educational assessments all carried out by
professionals who visit as volunteers. In 2013 HV began a campaign to attract a ‘sponsor’ for the cost of
each girl’s education. This has been successful and HV is confident that it can meet the financial costs of
educating the girls.

It is clear to both organizations that in order to maximize this momentum the girls need more space.
While the house they currently reside in offers a safe place it is not big enough to allow for expansion.
More than 4 years after the earthquake there is still a struggle to make due with, among other things, an
unpredictable power supply. One of the goals for this expansion is to create a sustainable and energy –
independent facility.

The Hearthstone Village board is committed to seeing the expansion project through to its completion.
HV board members bring many years of experience to its implementation. The RMOF while maintaining
the integrity of the day to day operations will participate in the expansion project as a strong partner,
on the ground, in Haiti. Both boards acknowledge that HV is in a stronger position to administer the
funding for the project. This is not a criticism but a frank appraisal. Projects of this sort, when not well
supported by sufficient personnel and/or experience, can distract from the mission. It makes sense, in
this situation, that the RMOF continue to concentrate on the day to day and HV will carry the oversight
of the expansion project.

RMOF has $18,000 in hand to help with construction and has secured a piece of land. HV is committed
to the building of this new expanded facility and is willing to provide expertise, funding, volunteers. HV
board members have experience with construction projects and the RMOF have people on the ground in
Haiti. We believe this makes for a strong team. Therefore HV is willing to oversee the distribution of the

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